Experience and publications


House of Lords

The British House of Lords published the report AIC0201 written by our consultants and included in the 2019 Select Committee’s report AI in the UK: ready willing and able.

Our report covered expectations for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics throughout the next 30 years along with its impact on industry and society.


Our consultants developed news and financial information systems Equities 3 and Hyperlink used by Bernama, Malaysia’s National News Agency used by thousands of customers including banks, brokers, and investors in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Hong Kong.

These products supported multiple exchanges in the South East Asian region and were endorsed by various exchanges.



Our Artificial Intelligence developers gained experience detecting insurance fraud by analysing claims from a range of health insurance companies.

The software was able to cluster and group types of claims leading to detections of anomalies. This led to a presentation at Centerlink to analyse national insurance fraud.


Sydney AI helps develop artificial intelligence software for detecting factors contributing to autism

The research incorporated data collected by international health organizations for hundreds of thousands of anonymized patients.



Our consultants gained experience from NexTag, one of Silicon Valley’s leading comparison shopping websites, developing novel algorithms to optimally price impressions a click-through leads


Magic Lab

Our consultants worked at the Magic Lab, helping to win the international Robocup prize in social robotics.

The contest was attended by Steve Wozniak who supported the Magic Lab team.

Background and education

Cambridge University

Our consultants studied at the undergraduate and PhD level at Cambridge university in mathematics and engineering.

Cambridge is renowned for excellence in these fields, being the birthplace of computing.

Stanford GSB

Our consultants include graduates of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business

Classes were often taught by leading Silicon Valley CEO’s including Andy Gross (Intel), Eric Schmidt (Google)

The courses included meetings at the US Federal Reserve and Supreme Court to discuss financial and legal issues.

Sydney University

Our consultants include PhD graduates of Sydney University, regarded as Australia’s oldest and possibly best university.